Intervention in schools is needed more than ever but they can't do it alone

Intervention has become part and parcel of the usual school timetable. Many institutions are opting for small class sized intensives in order to boost the chances of students coming out with half decent grades. Often, these intervention classes aren't at all that organised or they lack resources and to make it worse, the learning leaders are not always the most experienced. This inevitably leads to mixed results and limited success. Results in league tables have consistently shown certain schools in specific areas where there is a need for structured and comprehensive intervention support. It should be noted however that focusing purely on academic attainment will be futile without some intervention from a social welfare point of view. Understanding students and their needs is the key to developing a sense of motivation and inspiration for academic attainment.

The Xrevise method of specialist intervention services holds the key to unleashing student potential. Experienced mentors, world class resources and real time progress tracking; a proven system that yields results. If your school requires our support, feel free to get in touch: