Towards an Ed-Tech future

Ed-tech, edu-tech or tech-ed, whatever we call it, it seems the digital era is abuzz with a very important concept for our time. Indeed, educators of the more traditional inclination, dread the oncoming digitisation of the education industry but there are those of us who are championing its rise. In the fast paced and rapidly evolving world of today, education needs to meet its needs not just in outcomes but in its delivery. Ed-tech solutions whether they are software platforms, resources or even high-tech facilities, will all be needed as development starts to increase over the next decade.

Although technological advancements may give the 21st century student a better start than their predecessors of the now modern-classical age, there will still be a need for human interaction and oversight. Xrevise's focus is on a mixture of both ed-tech solutions using AI and human mentoring and interaction. We're hoping that the future is one in which educators and students alike will prosper together by riding the wave of the technological revolution.