Redefining 'intervention'

Intervention doesn't always have to be a bad thing.

Intervention is one of the most oft talked about words in schools in recent years. It's usually portrayed as a negative concept because of a progress tracking calculation that identified some shortcomings in a student's abilities. It has always been associated with the other no-no words 'lower ability' or 'slow learners'. Schools are often trying to find solutions to provide an intervention programme to make sure enough students can eventually cut the grade during exams; in other words to avert potential league table disasters. However it has to be noted that school intervention programmes are not always the most effective as they are often based on monotonous exam practice and led by already over-worked teaching staff. Intervention can be so much more.

At Xrevise we believe in positives and intervention is a concept that can work for all abilities from emerging to mastered levels. Our method, takes the hard work away from the teachers and places it in the capable of hands of specialist mentors. They use SWOT analysis' to find out what students need to focus on and then design a programme for gradual progress. From anything to two weeks to entire terms, mentors strive for impact learning.

For our mentors, each student is unique and each student requires specialist development tailored to them.