Why Intervention?

At XRevise we are dedicated to meeting the needs of all students at the KS3 and KS4 stages to ensure that they make achievable progress. As all children develop at different rates, there may be times when a teacher or parent feels a child may benefit from an intervention group which would be in addition to every day class teaching. 

Small Group Intervention
Small group support can take place either inside or outside of the classroom setting. The groups can consist of students that are at the same level of progress or at different stages which allows the intervention tutor to organise lessons based on each student’s personalised learning plan. Our experienced team deliver a range of intervention programmes focused on literacy and numeracy at KS3 and specific requirements for KS4. All intervention programmes are tailored to the needs of the school or parent and all plans are peer reviewed to make sure the best programmes are being provided for students. This will take place in a school where an external intervention tutor from our team will deliver sessions on site.

One To One Intervention

One to one intervention is sometimes the most effective way to improve a student’s learning progression. Students may not grasp all of the assessment objective criteria of their respective subjects and may need guidance in order to do so. Our specialist intervention tutors can tailor a personalised learning plan by measuring a student’s strengths and areas of development and focus on rapid improvement. This is perfect for a home setting where we can provide a home intervention tutor who will have been vetted in regards to qualifications, experience, background and DBS checks.



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At Xrevise, we have created a number of great resources with the help of specialist teachers and examiners. These are made available for all clients on our intervention programmes. So far, all intervention students have had a 100% success rate with our resources in combination with guidance from our mentors.


AI Intervention


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