We are a 21st century educational consultancy focusing on tech-oriented learning, online mentoring and specialist intervention programmes for KS3 and KS4 students in state and independent secondary schools. Our method combines both physical and digital learning approaches. 

Our primary objective is to help ‘emerging’ and ‘developing’ students to reach ‘secured’ and ‘mastered’ levels in the core subjects of mathematics and English. Our unique approach utilises technological interfaces as well as a curriculum fast track system based on exam board assessment objectives. This has been created by a group of experienced examiners and department heads of schools specialising in the core subjects. As the education system in the UK goes through fundamental change and transition over the next few years, we are acutely aware of the need for students to excel in their Attainment 8 scores and ultimately the school’s overall Progress 8 success. As the core subjects of mathematics and English are double weighted, it is imperative that these subjects are prioritised for intervention. We also believe that core subject GCSE success provides a solid foundation for students’ further education and subsequent higher education aspirations.

At Xrevise we have also created a programme for gifted and talented students to incubate their raw abilities and unleash their potentials to succeed at the highest level. Much of this programme is tailored around critical thinking approaches and seminars alongside a personalised learning initiative.

  • Tailored intervention – personalised learning

  • In school support – intervention assistants for classrooms

  • Home Support – intervention tutors

  • Saturday Intervention Workshops – small classes

Revision Seminars – whole year group

  • ​X-11 - 11Plus Masterclass for grammar school entry 

We strongly believe that all students should be given the opportunity to succeed at the highest level and support the idea of ‘no child left behind.’ In order to facilitate this idea we have made our services affordable for institutions of all sizes and our flexibility will provide peace of mind for school leaders and managers facing funding challenges. We invite schools to get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to work towards a great solution towards intervention needs.

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Why Intervention?

At XRevise we are dedicated to meeting the needs of all students at the KS3 and KS4 stages to ensure that they make achievable progress. As all children develop at different rates, there may be times when a teacher or parent feels a child may benefit from an intervention group which would be in addition to every day class teaching. 

Small Group Intervention
Small group support can take place either inside or outside of the classroom setting. The groups can consist of students that are at the same level of progress or at different stages which allows the intervention tutor to organise lessons based on each student’s personalised learning plan. Our experienced team deliver a range of intervention programmes focused on literacy and numeracy at KS3 and specific requirements for KS4. All intervention programmes are tailored to the needs of the school or parent and all plans are peer reviewed to make sure the best programmes are being provided for students. This will take place in a school where an external intervention tutor from our team will deliver sessions on site.

One To One Intervention

One to one intervention is sometimes the most effective way to improve a student’s learning progression. Students may not grasp all of the assessment objective criteria of their respective subjects and may need guidance in order to do so. Our specialist intervention tutors can tailor a personalised learning plan by measuring a student’s strengths and areas of development and focus on rapid improvement. This is perfect for a home setting where we can provide a home intervention tutor who will have been vetted in regards to qualifications, experience, background and DBS checks.

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Inspiring emerging students


Find out what Xrevise is doing in the near future




The X-Juku intensive GCSE seminar is coming to London! This will be a one day revision seminar focusing on assessment objective attainment and exam mastery. The immediate focus will be on English, February 23rd 2019 and Maths, February 24th 2019 for the AQA and Edexcel exam boards. This will be open to individual bookings as well as for schools wishing to book a cohort of students. All attendees will receive exclusive revision materials crafted by our experts and more goodies! For more information get in touch: info@xrevise.org 

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X-11 is the specialist masterclass to help students become proficient in their 11+ entry test journey. We realise that the grammar school aspiration is keenly held by many parents and their children alike. Xrevise will be providing the most comprehensive and personalised programme in London this Autumn.  Launching in Hackney. Limited places.